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The simple homepage graphic of a shimmering burner flame on Eclipse Inc.'s web site leads visitors to one of the most thorough industrial sites around.

On this completely revamped site, Eclipse, a manufacturer of gas and oil burners, recuperators, heat exchangers and other industrial heating and drying equipment and accessories, hasn't left anything to chance. For example, you may not know the brand burner you're looking for, so the company set up headings such as “Browse by Application,” “Browse by Category,” “Browse by Industry” and “Browse by Catalog Section.” Within each of the headings are more sections -- click on those and you can drill down sometimes two and three more times. All this attention to detail means customers and prospective buyers keep narrowing down their search to more specifically address their needs.

On the “Browse by Application” page, you get the full picture of how complete this site is. Under Air Heating is Drying and under Drying are eight more links, and each of those links puts you on a page with additional links to particular products, which then link to descriptions and benefits. And finally, you can click on either the Color Bulletin link to get a sheet with more details or the Tech Doc link to get the specs.

Clicking on “Browse by Industry” does virtually the same thing by leading the visitor to links to all the markets Eclipse products cover and then further details within each of those.

Also important: it's just not possible to get lost on the web site. You can always get back to where you want to be because the headings are always there for reference.

Achieving user-friendliness is a tough task for any site, and Eclipse accomplished this by interlinking related topics in a complex yet completely organized network of links. The company's staff also undertook the tedious task of viewing and reviewing its hundreds of links to avoid the dreaded dead end.

It's a good bet that a serious buyer using this site will be ready to discuss his application in more detail, and Eclipse, which is a worldwide company, makes that easy also. Under the directories for sales and for service, the usual map of the world pops up. But after clicking on the country you want, you'll see arrows directing you to Asia, or Central America or Europe, etc. It's a nice touch because you don't have to go back to the first map page as you explore their vast network of offices.

Anyone who uses the Internet to search out products and suppliers will appreciate this site for its usefulness, which respects the visitor's time.