Investments are being made in modern wine-production equipment due to growing interest in wines and increasing demands on wine quality. When revamping facilities, wine producers look for materials that are approved for use in dairies and breweries, which are closely related to wine production facilities.

New wine cellar technology investments include stainless steel vats and computerized control systems for each stage from harvesting to the finished, bottled wine. However, each link in the product chain is important, and even in the most technically advanced wine cellars, hoses of various kinds are needed for different parts of the process, including rinsing, cleaning and transfer of wine from one vat to another. With higher demands on the quality of both the grapes and the fermentation vats, the demands on hoses also increase.

Trelleborg Industrial Hoses, Clermont-Ferrand, France, has found a niche in the industry and is now providing high-temperature hoses to many wine producers.

In France, several prominent chateaux in Bordeaux have invested in hoses from Trelleborg, including Chateau Margaux, as well as other well-known producers. One of these producers, Cellier des Dauphins, recently constructed a new facility.

“A few years ago, we read about the use of hoses manufactured by Trelleborg in dairies and breweries,” says Alain Bayonne, enologist with Cellier des Dauphins. “We have similar requirements regarding capacity and hygiene, so we tested the hoses in our own facilities. We were satisfied with the results, so when the new facility was being fitted, we used hoses from Trelleborg.”

Cellier des Dauphins uses the hoses and connectors recommended for the various stages of the process. “Different stages require different characteristics in the hoses used,” says Bayonne. “However, the most important is that they have a high capacity and operational reliability. For hoses that transport wines, stringent hygiene requirements must also be met.”

All hoses in Trelleborg’s range of wine hoses are equipped with a white inner hose that prevents impurities and bacteria from gaining hold and assists with proper cleaning. All hoses meet European and American requirements as well, according to Trelleborg.