Supermax produces 10 million conventional double-sided razors and 1.2 million disposable razors per day with the help of Eurotherm controllers to control temperature during the manufacturing process.

Obtaining a good shave requires a blade with the finest edges, which is why quality and production consistency are fundamental requirements for Supermax Corp., a large manufacturer of disposable razor blades located in Mumbai, India. But achieving the necessary quality and consistency depends greatly on the precise control of temperature during the blade-manufacturing process. This is especially important within the heat treatment furnaces used for making the steel which in turn is used to make the razor blades. Temperature control also is critical within the annealing and end-tempering furnaces.

To control temperatures within these two applications at the razor manufacturer’s facility, Leesburg, Va.-based Eurotherm controllers were installed on the furnaces. In addition, Eurotherm controllers were added to control the injection-molding equipment used for the razor body and in special-purpose printing machines. This has helped Supermax Corp. regain control and improve quality.

“By using Eurotherm’s controllers, accurate PID control performance has been maintained. This has provided the temperature accuracy and uniformity needed,” says Kalpesh Desai, Eurotherm’s sales manager in India.