SoCalGas’ Bryan Warren (right) helped Matt Rickerd, chief engineer at Puritan Bakery, Carson, Calif., verify a savings of about 84,000 therms a year by retrofitting an incinerator with a thermal oxidizer.

To help overcome the need for technical expertise as a barrier to large energy-efficiency projects, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) has develop a free service to help its industrial customers evaluate complex projects. The Industrial End User (IEU) program offers expert analyses on energy-efficiency improvements for any industrial natural gas application, including process heating and steam systems, gas engines, air compressors, oxidizers and steam turbine drives.

“We have aggressive goals for helping our customers save money through energy efficiency,” said Mark Gaines, SoCalGas’ director of customer programs. “To that end, we’re willing to send a team of DOE qualified specialists to visit our industrial customers and make detailed assessments of their energy-savings opportunities. They’ll also show how to save more money through our rebates and incentives, which could exceed $1.2 million per customer per year.”

In less than two years, the IEU program has conducted more than 60 site visits and identified energy-saving opportunities of more than 4 million therms per year.