Following research that identified customers’ desire for problem-solving help, heat transfer fluid maker Paratherm Corp. promoted Jim Oetinger (left) to director of technology and hired Rich Clements as sales manager.

In an effort to shift away from traditional product sales to technical support for its heat transfer fluids, Paratherm Corp., West Conshohocken, Pa., has created the position of director of technology and hired a new sales manager.

Following market-based research, company leaders at Paratherm feel customers are increasingly concerned with problem-solving, maintenance issues and emergencies rather than the actual products themselves. As a result, the need for supporting advice to users has grown substantially. To satisfy this demand, the company is focusing its efforts on customers’ applications, system and operations, and on providing access to expert assistance.

Jim Oetinger, who formerly headed the sales and technical functions at Paratherm Corp., was named to the new position of director of technology. He will focus on solving heat transfer fluid problems and system issues related to inquiries from customers and potential customers. To focus on the current sales staff, the firm hired Rich Clements as sales manager.