Two companies have teamed up to produce a portable, “smart” hot-air thermal process controller. The system provides temperature capability from 150 to 1,100°F (60 to 600°C) using Farnam’s Cool Touch heat torch and EIT’s electronics and process control. The splash-proof design minimizes the skin temperature of the heater to protect people and product from hot surfaces. An LCD interface allows users to regulate and monitor all process heating variables (temperature, velocity and volume). The processor adjusts the heater to deliver the programmed heat profile and provides both audible and electronic alarms for process monitoring. The system provides control over process air temperature, velocity and volume flow rate. The device includes a filtered, self-contained blower. Offered by both companies, it will be marketed by Farnam as the thermal process controller and by EIT as the TIP 1K.
Farnam Custom Products, (828) 684-3766
EIT, (703) 478-0700