Ask -- and answer for you process -- these eight questions when evaluating whether you can use waste gases for heating secondary processes.

Questions to ask when evaluating the use of waste gases for heating secondary processes include:
  1. Is there a less expensive way to heat the secondary process?
  2. Is the temperature of the flue gases high enough to heat the secondary process?
  3. Do the flue gases contain enough transferable energy?
  4. Are the flue gases compatible with the secondary process (as to cleanliness, corrosiveness, etc.)?
  5. Can the primary process deliver energy to the secondary process in time?
  6. Are the two processes close enough together to avoid excessive heat losses during waste gas transport?
  7. Will the flue gases leave the secondary process at a high enough temperature to avoid problems with moisture condensation?
  8. Can the exhaust ductwork and secondary process be designed to avoid excessive pressure resistance to the flue gases, or are additional means like exhaust fans necessary?