Technical support for plastics processors using fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) is available over the phone and via e-mail thanks to a new service from Ashland Composite Polymers, Dublin, Ohio. The “Corrosion Hotline” provides advice based upon the company’s portfolio of actual ASTM C581 corrosion testing as well as case histories that can be accessed by Ashland customers worldwide.

For instance, the technical service team can provide advice on which of the company’s Derakane or Hetron resins are suitable for a given application. The team also can provide guidance on fabrication processing and corrosion barrier design. Among the support documents it has at its disposal are case histories that can suggest what has worked for manufacturers with similar challenges.

The technical service can be reached at (800) 327-8720 in the United States and Canada or (614) 790-4399 internationally. For fabricators, end users or specifying engineers who prefer e-mail, the team can be reached at or