A quarterly e-newsletter from Nanmac Corp. will offer ways to improve temperature measurement and control plant processes.

Many manufacturers are looking for efficiency improvements to help offset soaring raw material and energy costs. Better temperature measurement and control of plant processes can be an inexpensive, quick way to improve product quality, reduce downtime, minimize scrap and save energy, so say temperature measurement professionals at Nanmac Corp.

Processors can learn how to do more with their instrumentation via a quarterly e-newsletter from the Framingham, Mass., manufacturer of temperature-measurement devices.

In a recent edition, engineers at Nanmac suggested that processors first evaluate the accuracy of measured temperatures. Does the sensor being used deliver accurate information quickly so the processes can be controlled effectively? Sensor accuracy falls over time, and a misleading signal can be worse than failure. The company offers tips for extending the life of the sensor as well as details on emerging designs.

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