Security programming offered on Eurotherm's Series 3500 and Mini 8 controllers prevents the unauthorized cloning of control configurations.

An advanced security feature that prevents the unauthorized cloning of control configurations has been added to the 3500 and Mini 8 controllers from Eurothem. The company added the security feature to help protect the intellectual property rights of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and value-added distributors.

OEM security has successfully protected the Eurotherm's Series 2600 and Series 2700 controllers for several years, but according to the company, many unprotected units -- vulnerable to cloning -- remain in operation. Security is more important than ever, as customers demand solutions that are efficient, reliable and risk-free. Integrated solutions such as OEM security are optimized to block any attempts at cloning or otherwise interfere with system configurations.

OEM security is activated via Eurotherm's iTools software package. Once the feature has been installed, users simply need to enter an OEM security password to access iTools configuration and monitoring software. Customers can purchase the OEM security by requesting the option at time of order.