CEC Combustion Services Group will sponsor a major study of flood-related damage and claims to boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, fuel systems, generators, and other infrastructure-related systems.

The Midwest floods have crippled infrastructure systems at many manufacturing facilities and institutions such as hospitals. Homeowners also are impacted by claims for furnaces and hot water heaters.

CEC Combustion Services Group, an independent fuel-train-safety testing company headquartered in Cleveland, is soliciting information from insurers and end users related to claims for flood damage to equipment such as boilers, furnaces, heaters, fuel systems and generators. In many cases, this equipment can not be reused once it is exposed to water damage.

Lead times for damaged components can be six to eight weeks, ranging up to 12 to 52 weeks for some boilers. Contaminated fuel oil can damage systems and make for explosion risks if it is not handled properly. Utility regulators and meters underwater can delay facilities from being usable. These issues impact the basic ability of these facilities to function and can make for significant business interruption claims to insurers. Fuel oil contamination and utility regulator issues can make for explosion and fire risks

CEC Combustion Services Group's staff serves on NFPA and ASME code committees for fired equipment and boilers. The firm provides services to many fortune 500 companies and insurers. The study will result in a paper providing information on how to flood harden these kinds of infrastructure systems

If your company would like to participate, contact John Puskar, P.E., at (216) 749-2992 or via e-mail at jpuskar@combustionsafety.com.