Due to their versatility, ease of maintenance and relatively small size, plate-and-frame heat exchangers are finding new uses. As a matter of fact, the units can now be found serving many applications in almost every industry. Here are a few examples.
  • In the chemical industry, where material compatibility is essential, they have found wide acceptance due to the variety of gasket and plate materials available.
  • In the power industry, the higher efficiency, reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance provided by a plate heat exchanger has made them a very attractive option.
  • In the marine industry, the availability of high-grade titanium material for seawater, as well as a lower weight when compared to shell-and-tube solutions, have made plate heat exchangers very popular.
  • In the HVAC industry, where installations range in size from single-family homes to large skyscrapers, the small footprint of a plate-and-frame heat exchanger makes them an increasingly popular choice.
  • Even in the field of sugar production, large-scale plate evaporators have begun to take the place of traditional Robert evaporators.