Former New Hampshire governor and current candidate for U.S. Senate Jeanne Shaheen toured Nashua-based Ferrite Inc. in September.

Former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen, a current candidate for the U.S. Senate, toured Ferrite Inc., Nashua, N.H., in September to discuss the need to enhance the role of science in the 21st century. During the visit, Ferrite showcased the role of high power microwave technologies that support environmentally friendly processing for food, coal, ethanol and sludge waste.

"Ferrite Inc. is an excellent example of the kind of research and development we should be investing in, Shaheen said during the September 15 visit. "I believe America's future is in maintaining the cutting edge in science and technology that lowers environmental impact while improving industry performance."

Fueled by growth and innovation, Ferrite has developed high power microwave drying and dewatering systems for a range of markets. From food to wood, coal, distillate grain ethanol and municipal and industrial waste, Ferrite microwave drying systems meet even the most challenging situations and demands with improved performance and output. Ferrite has also developed new microwave based high-efficiency electromagnetic dewatering and pathogen elimination systems for residual grain by-products used for ethanol production and cattle feed processing.

"Progress in science and technology is not just important to expanding our economy," Shaheen said. "It is critical to keeping our children healthy, our environment clean, and establishing a stronger economy."