Variable load capacity and quick steam production allow one North Carolina-based carpet producer to save $24,000 per month in fuel and labor expenses.

Gulistan has more than 80 years experience manufacturing fine carpets.

As a manufacturer of fine carpets, Gulistan Carpet operates three facilities in North Carolina and has thrived for more than 80 years by emphasizing quality, style, tradition and operating savvy. So, when faced with rising fuel costs at its Wagram facility, where the carpets are prepped and dyed, Gulistan looked for a solution that would maximize performance while minimizing operating expenses.

“We rely on steam for the dyeing process, and with previous steam boilers, we would have to wait at least two hours for steam to be produced,” explained Jack Avant, engineering manager at Gulistan. “This resulted in labor inefficiencies and higher fuel costs.”

Gulistan selected six LX-300 boilers from New York-based Miura Boiler because the units save fuel, time and money by producing steam in only five minutes.

“With the Miura boilers, we can have steam just a few minutes after startup. Since being installed last September, we estimate that we are saving an average of $24,000 each month on labor and fuel costs,” Avant said. “The Miura boilers have significantly improved the efficiency of the Wagram facility.”

The Miura boilers were purchased from and installed by Greensboro, N.C.-based Boiler Masters Inc. The company has been carrying Miura boilers for the past 11 years, according to owners Bryan Spivey and Marlin Hargett Jr.

Miura’s LX Series boilers have a proprietary “floating header” design that produces full steam output within five minutes. The quick steam output allows users to reduce fuel costs by an average of 20 percent, according to the company.

Reduced fuel consumption was only one of the features that attracted Gulistan to the Miura units, according to Avant. He was also impressed by their variable load capacity. In a multiple installation such as Gulistan’s, the boilers can be turned on or off as needed, allowing the carpet-maker to meet demand during peak hours while operating at greater efficiency throughout the day and reducing wear and tear on the boilers.

Gulistan Carpet installed six boilers from Miura Boiler to provide the steam necessary for the dyeing process of its rugs and carpets. The boilers have variable load capacity, which means they can be turned on or off as needed to satisfy peaks and valleys in steam demand.

“Our steam load varies from 5,000 pph [pounds per hour] to 50,000 pph, so we were looking for a dependable and reliable boiler system that could give us the proper amount of steam for the low- and high-demand times,” Avant said. “Our previous boilers could not run on low loads, and the efficiency would decrease drastically. The Miura boilers are very efficient and environmentally friendly, and require very little attention when operating, plus they take up a lot less room.”

According to the manufacturer, an added benefit of Miura’s floating header design is that it produces BHP outputs comparable to other boilers while taking up less space. Miura boilers also have an online maintenance system with a “sliding window” feature that records an event four seconds before it occurs, so it can be diagnosed and corrected faster. Additionally, Miura boilers are safe for the environment, producing nitrous oxide (NOX) emissions levels that are 60 percent lower than conventional boilers.

For Avant, the six Miura boilers were exactly what he needed to ensure that the plant was running at maximum efficiency. The LX-300 units have met or exceeded their forecasted return on investment, saving the company more than $250,000 per year.

“The Miura boilers have performed very well,” Avant concluded. “Miura’s efficiency is essential to meeting our performance needs, and the fuel and labor savings are very important to our bottom line.”

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