Oven Systems

Burnoff oven system safely strips electric motors while controlling pollution emissions. Features include a hybrid radiant tube system which allows users to quickly remove coatings, paint, varnish, grease, oil, plastics and rubber from metal. The system offers 93 percent efficiency while eliminating the hot and cold spot problem possible with other burnoff ovens.

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Drying Systems

Line of drying systems includes Jetzone fluidized bed dryer/puffer/toaster, fluidized bed cooler, impingement cooler, forced convection cooler and belt coolers. Jet-Tube fluidization technique provides fast, uniform and efficient heating, cooling, toasting or puffing of particulate free-flowing products. It is well-suited for dense, difficult-to-cool products. The high-velocity impingement technique provides fast, uniform cooling a wide range of food and non-food industry products. Turbo-Jet forced convection cooler, designed for existing or new post-oven conveyor systems, provides efficient pre-cooling prior to freezing or packaging.

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Conveyor Oven Designed for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

Electrically heated conveyor oven performs hydrogen embrittlement relief on locking wheel lugs at a maximum production rate of 1,600 lb of parts per hour for each oven. Each oven has a 4'2" x 31' long x 9" heating chamber and a 500oF (260oC) maximum operating temperature. The equipment is constructed with 4" tongue-and-groove panel assemblies and aluminized steel interior and ductwork. Three access doors are provided on one side of the oven.

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Walk-In Oven

No 973 is used to cure rubber parts in rotating baskets. The electrically heated, 500oF (260oC) walk-in oven offers 40 kW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat the unit. A 4,200 cfm, 3-hp recirculating blower motor provides combination horizontal/vertical airflow to the workload. A motorized roller rack is onboard with two levels of 4" dia. driven rollers, each supported by metallized carbon bearings. Each level of rollers holds two 20" stainless steel perforated drums, rotating at 6 rpm, which carry the workload. The oven has 4" thick insulated walls and an aluminized steel interior and exterior.

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Infrared Oven with Refractory Board Reflector

BT Series uses a refractory board reflector that can withstand a much higher temperature than a metallic reflector. The unit does not require air or water cooling and is designed to operate continuously in a high temperature environment. Because cooling is not required, airflow does not contaminate the product and the system has a smaller profile. The infrared heater can be used as a stand-alone oven, or it can be designed as a booster to augment an existing process. Because of its design, it also can be mounted inside a convection oven.

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Batch Ovens

Model 43A-0550 offers full horizontal airflow and a temperature range of 288 to 550oF (142 to 288oC). Standard features of the cart utility oven include ball-bearing, heavy-duty hinges; welded steel construction; minimal interior/exterior metal-to-metal contact; painted enamel exterior; reinforced steel doors; gasketed door openings; and FM approved pressure-release door latches. Adjustable louvered openings in the supply and return ducts as well as heavy-duty blowers help ensure uniform temperature throughout oven. The prewired NEMA 1 control cabinet contains UL approved controls.

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Processors Learn How to Save Through Energy Efficiency Programs

Company provided more than $8 million in rebates and incentives to its business customers last year through its energy-efficiency programs. In 2008, the same programs are offering businesses up to $18 million. More than 500 pieces of energy-efficient equipment qualify for the rebates, and the incentive programs cover virtually any business process improvement that saves natural gas. To help make these straightforward programs even easier, the company’s account executives and audit programs help identify energy-saving opportunities.

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Gas Oven

Designed for preheating and annealing of plastic sheets, gas-heated oven has an operating temperature range is 120 to 500oF (49 to 260oC). Its airflow pattern is cross-flow recirculation with the supply plenum in the front and the return plenum at the rear.

Mayberry’s Custom Metal Fabrication Inc. • (928) 341-9965 • www.mayberrycustommetal.com

Milling Flash Dryer

When a discrete and fine end-product is desired, processors can dry powders, slurries, and filter and centrifuge cakes with a small-footprint milling flash dryer. Units dry and deagglomerate in a single step, allow particle-to-particle collisions to achieve fine products without moving parts, and allow extremely short residence times for temperature-sensitive products. Jet-milling principles preserve particle distribution present in wet feed, and the static classifier minimizes product top size.

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Circular Tray Dryer

Turbo-Dryer can be used to calcine or sinter fine metal oxide powders. Capable of operation at temperatures up to 1,202oF (650oC), the continuous tray dryer includes an internal electrical heating system that helps remove residual moisture. Dry air or nitrogen is used to purge water vapor from the system, keeping fines carryover to a minimum. The proprietary design consists of a stack of rotating circular trays in a sealed enclosure. Material is fed onto the top tray, and after each revolution it is wiped onto the next lower tray. Internal Turbo-Fans circulate heated gas in the enclosure to provide the drying medium.

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Catalytic Ovens

Offered as pre-gel/booster and full-cure ovens, modular catalytic systems employ reflectors to make the most of infrared heat. Multi-zone-gas pulse technology provides precise temperature profiling for components such as extrusions, castings, sheet metal, tubular and angular weldments. As part of a gas-fired catalytic infrared powder coating line, the ovens offer rapid part temperature increase, no cross contamination and minimal floor space requirements.

Vulcan Catalytic • (800) 324-5422 • www.vulcan-mdf.com

Batch Ovens

Each batch oven in the product line is designed around the heating requirements of the application. Electrically or steam heated or gas-fired, each oven offers uniform heating capabilities up to 800oF (427oC), precise temperature control and any airflow pattern. Rugged, all-welded carbon steel construction ensures durability.

Benko Products Inc. • (440) 934-2180 • www.benkoproducts.com

Semiconductor Polyimide Curing Batch Oven

PCO2-14 optimizes the polyimide cure process for semiconductor wafer devices. It enables short cycle times and a consistent, reproducible cure process for all wafers in the product load by combining four characteristics in a single, compact design: clean process operation (Class 10), inert atmosphere capabilities (<20 ppm of oxygen), temperatures up to 350oC, and fast cycle times with +/-1% part uniformity. It can be networked and controlled from a central location, minimizing the floor space required, and atmosphere data can be monitored and recorded throughout the cycle.

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Spray Drying Solution

Spray drying program for the pharmaceutical industry is applicable to free-flowing powders, agglomerated powders, encapsulation, micro-encapsulation and fine powders. The program is designed to meet the needs of small-scale plants to full production aseptic spray dryers. Based on a four-tier model incorporating a range of spray dryer solutions, the company customizes spray drying solutions to individual needs. A predictable path forward and control space ensure performance from initial trials to full-scale production.

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Ovens and Dryers

Thermatrol electric, gas or propane conveyor ovens utilize infrared heaters, infra-air, or combination infrared/convection heating so specific process needs are met. Other features include inline integral coolers, ability to interface with external PLCs, and integration with robotic operations. The infrared heat panels provide uniform curing and/or drying over the entire process. Recirculating hot air using high-velocity air knives breaks up moisture barriers and drives solvents away from the substrate.

Hix Corp., Thermatrol Div. • (800) 835-0606 • www.ovens-dryers.com

Paddle Dryer

Rosinaire consists of a horizontal, cylindrical vessel containing a longitudinal rotor/paddle assembly. The vessel body is fabricated with external jacket sections through which flows the heat transfer fluid (steam, hot water, hot oil, or chilled water). Radial paddles are fastened to the rotor shaft by means of locknuts. The adjustable paddle orientation determines the residence time of the solids within the vessel. Feed material is either pumped or conveyed into the high-speed, thin-layer, indirect-contact, paddle processor. The centrifugal action of the rotor/paddle assembly delumps and conveys the product material through processor as a thin layer of solids in a helical flowpath along the jacketed wall, resulting in heat transfer coefficients up to 150 BTU/hr/ft2/oF.

Barr-Rosin Inc. • (450) 437-5252 • www.barr-rosin.com

Process Gels, Slurries and Solids

Solidaire dryers have high-speed, adjustable paddles that create an agitated, dense, thin layer of material against the jacketed vessel wall. A jet-rotor design allows injection of gas or liquid through the paddles into the thin layer of material flowing along the wall of the unit. Operating modes include indirect, direct and a combination of both. The unit can process a range of heat-sensitive materials, from free-flowing solids to wet cakes and slurries, as well as materials whose flow characteristics change during drying. The dryer also can handle fine, low-density particles that might be fluidized in mechanically or pneumatically agitated equipment.

Bepex International LLC • (612) 331-4370 • www.bepex.com

Vertical Curing System

Ultima system is configurable for continuous, inline curing of components in carriers, strips, magazines, baskets or other transport mediums. The oven design ensures good thermal performance utilizing a small, automated equipment footprint. The vertical format enhances inline integration to any process equipment, or it can be used as a stand-alone system. Process flexibility is achieved via nine separate curing chambers with independent controllers for temperature, airflow and exhaust for effluent gases. Internal active cooling provides reduced process time and product exits at less than 122oF (50oC).

Thermal Product Solutions • (570) 538-7200 • www.thermalproductsolutions.com

Vertical Tower Oven for Drying/Curing

Drying and curing oven incorporates medium-wavelength infrared Type QF heaters. The panel heater delivers radiant heat across the full area of its face. The medium-wavelength energy generated is absorbed readily by water and most products, allowing high drying efficiencies. Hot air is recirculated to enhance drying and save energy. The combination of infrared and air improves drying efficiency by breaking the boundary layer and removing water vapor from the heater area.

Radiant Energy Systems Inc. • (800) 486-7786 • www.radiantenergy.com

Catalytic Infrared Ovens

Paint drying infrared oven line includes dry-off, powder gel/ramp and cure ovens. Other models include continuous and batch convection cure ovens, combination systems, infrared retrofits and portable cure units. Long-wave catalytic infrared ovens reduce curing times of waterborne, powder and most other coatings.

Catalytic Industrial Systems • (800) 835-0557 • www.catalyticirovens.com

Combination System Speeds Cooking, Retains Flavor

The MESO (Multi Energy Source Oven) combination system utilizes a circular energy feed that allows the use of combination energy for volumetric and convection cooking at the same time. This enables the processor to have the broadest cooking profile available to fully develop the spices and cures. Products can have the color, taste and texture of conventional slow cooking with the speed of microwave heating while enhancing the natural juices. System combines microwave with forced air and/or infrared.

Ferrite Co. • (800) 854-1466 • www.ferriteinc.com

Infrared Ovens

Company offers a range of infrared equipment in many sizes and configurations. Infrared technology allows faster heating than convection ovens, decreasing oven floor-space requirements by 75 percent to 90 percent. Heating can be provided by either gas catalytic or electric infrared, in long, medium or short wave, and they can be combined with convection as necessary.

Wisconsin Infrared Systems • (262) 642-4200 • www.wisinfrared.com

Custom Ovens

Conveyor, batch/walk-in, laboratory and specialty ovens can be specified in temperatures up to 2,000oF (1,093oC). Airflows are offered in horizontal, vertical or a combination of the two in electric, gas or steam models. Standard on/off or fully programmable controls can be specified to suit customer requirements. Multiple heating and cooling zones are possible.

Davron Technologies Inc. • (888) 781-0836 • www.davrontech.com

Indirectly Heated Rotary Calciners

Designed to provide an efficient means for continuously processing granular materials and powders at high temperatures in oxidizing, inert or reducing environments, rotary calciner consists of a cylindrical rotating tube housed in a refractory-lined gas or electric furnace, positively sealed to prevent air infiltration. Product quality is optimized by a design that establishes and maintains the temperature profiles required of the process. The internal-flight design promotes a gentle tumbling action and provides uniform exposure and efficient heat transfer.

Alstom Power Inc., Air Preheater Co., Raymond Operations • (630) 971-2500 • www.airpreheatercompany.com

Gas Infrared Drying

Designed for the pulp and paper industry, air system offers a combination of infrared and air-flotation drying that produces no detectable levels of NOX or CO. The dryers offer increased drying rates in a compact space.

Marsden Inc. • (856) 663-2227 • www.marsdeninc.com

Infrared Ovens and Heaters

Whether curing paint or powder, drying inks, processing plastics, or baking bread, Thermazone can help with the process. Infrared ovens, utilizing the Black Body emitter, transform nearly 90 percent of consumed energy into useful heat. The high temperature aluminized steel housing and stainless steel protective grid equip the heater to operate effectively in the harshest industrial environments. Systems are offered in more than 50 standard oven configurations with optional conveyors, exhaust blowers and vestibules or unusual applications. Custom-designed ovens can be manufactured to meet exact process requirements.

BBC Industries • (800) 654-4205 • www.bbcind.com

Advanced Dryer Technology

Providing more than 100 years of drying technology, the company manufactures dryers for drying any type of bulk granular material at a low total cost. Choose from direct heat, indirect heat, impact or steam-tube dryers to meet your needs. Local technical and parts support, and material process testing are offered.

Metso Minerals • (570) 271-7627 • mineralsprocessing.info@metso.com

Vertical Ovens

Series 3700 units have stainless steel internal liners and external shells. Offered in box and split-box designs, the ovens operate over a temperature range of 32 to 1,150oF (0 to 620oC), with optional cooling via liquid nitrogen to -300oF (-185oC) or liquid carbon dioxide to -70oF (-57oC). Other standard features include Type K thermocouple, double plenum feature and a selection of chamber sizes.

Applied Test Systems Inc. • (724) 283-1212 • www.atpsa.com

Custom Ovens and Dryers

Designed to utilize specific combinations of radiant and air-impingement systems to satisfy the user’s process requirements, custom ovens and dryers ensure product uniformity and maximize production. Suited for use in chemical, food, finishing, plastics and rubber, and textile operations, the ovens and dryers range in size from high volume to small batch or lab prototype.

Lanly Co. • (216) 731-1115 • www.lanly.com

Custom High Temperature System

To assist a customer in need of a furnace with manipulators that could hold 20 tons of cast manganese steel rails, the company created a system of replaceable castable pillars on the floor of the furnace chamber to support the associated loads of the application. A total of 24 Eclipse TA025 burners, with 12 firing high on one side and 12 firing low on the other, create good heat circulation and temperature uniformity. The body was designed to tip up in clamshell fashion, allowing the customer’s manipulator to bring the rails in from the side, and then unload them from the same side at the completion of the heat cycle for transfer to the quench tank.

Engineered Production Systems • (714) 532-2742 • www.epsovens.com