More than 2,000 total guests, including employees, customers, business partners and friends of Eclipse from nearly 40 countries, helped the Rockford, Ill.-based manufacturer of burners and other thermal solutions celebrate its 100th anniversary. The culminating event was held at the company’s corporate headquarters on September 12 and 13.

On September 12, the company hosted an open house and plant tour. More than 750 customers, business partners and employees from 40-plus countries as well as community leaders and friends attended. The open house included technical demonstrations of thermal solutions, remarks by Rockford Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey and tours of the newly renovated offices.

That evening, employees and friends of Eclipse enjoyed entertainment and foods from around the world at the historic Coronado Theatre. U.S. Representative Don Manzullo presented Eclipse with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. He related that he took to heart the advice of Cam Perks, former Eclipse president and board chairman, about the importance of manufacturing and its vital role in contributing to Rockford’s success.

The next day, approximately 750 employees and family members attended a Family Open House. They also toured the facility, enjoyed a buffet lunch and entertainment reflecting Eclipse’s international presence.

The celebrations in Rockford were preceded by a global sales conference attended by 200 members of the Eclipse sales force. Karen Coshof of Stonehaven CCS was the keynote speaker at the conference, speaking on “Industry’s Impact on Global Warming.”

Reflecting on the year-long celebration, Doug Perks, chairman of the board and CEO of Eclipse, cited the reasons to which he attributes the company's longevity.

"One reason for our success is the top quality of our workforce. Eclipse employees are dedicated and highly skilled. We have many long-term employees and those whose parents and grandparents worked at Eclipse. That is priceless.

"We are also a privately owned, family-run business that reinvests in itself for the future. That long-term view has allowed us to make strategic decisions that require investments in research and development that may not yield immediate payback but will assure a strong future for our company.

"As part of our success, we give back to the community through the Eclipse Foundation. We are proud to support many important causes," Perks added.