The Karl Dungs Inc. product offerings represent a wide range of gas-flow controls, shutoff valves, pressure reducing and ratio regulators, air- and gas-pressure switches, actuators and other burner equipment.

Dungs products are suitable for industrial combustion gases, non-corrosive gases and air. These products, which comply with high safety requirements, are used in gas-firing systems throughout the world, and include:
  • Dual modular valve combining two automatic shutoff valves in one compact housing
  • Dual modular valve with proof of closure
  • Two-stage dual modular valves with gas/air ratio control or a servo pressure controller
  • Single valves with or without proof of closure
  • Valve-proving systems
  • Gas-pressure switches
  • Air-pressure switches
  • Pressure regulators
  • Modulating control valves and motors
  • Modular systems
  • Pre-piped valve trains
  • Gas-flow controls and burner accessories

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