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ANSI Chemical Process Pumps

Series pH is stocked as a ready-to-ship inventory, allowing the company to offer a 48-hour commitment on pump shipments with no premium. Used in developing the ANSI/ ASME B73.1 process pump standard in 1958, the chemical process pump continues to meet and exceed all ANSI standards for the chemical processing industry. A choice of ductile iron or 316 stainless steel construction, coupled with multiple seal design types, allows the company to custom build pumps for most process application.
Dean Pump Div., Met-Pro Corp., (317) 293-2930

Hot Oil Circulation Pumps

Magnetically driven NMWR pumps are designed for hot-oil applications to improve plant and personnel safety in industrial heating plants. Its containment shell replaces any mechanical seal and saves maintenance costs because most pump failures are caused by leaking seals. Maximum operating temperature without water cooling is 800°F (427°C).
Dickow Pump Co., (800) 880-4442

Non-Metallic Pump

Composite Mag-Drive is suitable for crucial liquid-containment applications, including corrosive chemicals, VOCs and flammable liquids. The engineered-fluoropolymer and ceramic-wetted material design and construction permit the pump to handle a broad pH range. Benefits include a magnet system with a spline design that permits the magnet to self-align while floating on the shaft without additional fasteners, and self-lubricating, heavy-duty bearings with 30-min dry-run capabilities.
Viking Pump, (319) 266-1741

Oil Pumps

To meet the extreme temperature requirements of the oil industry, Cardinal pumps are rated for continuous duty operating ranges from -40 to 212°F (-40 to 100°C). Other features include the ability to permit thermosiphon flow when the pump is not operating, allowing natural convection when the pump is shut off. The pumps offer a split-casing design with heavy-duty Class 30 cast iron pump casting, motor enclosure, impellers and volutes. Large-thrust face-sleeve bearings extend life, minimize wear and reduce maintenance, says the company.
Unifin International, (888) 451-0310

Close-Coupled Sealless Pump

Series 2530, a completely nonmetallic, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) magnet-drive pump, is offered in ten sizes with capacities up to 1,500 gal/min, heads to 400', powers to 100 hp, temperatures to 200°F (93°C) and working pressures to 200 psi. Self-priming models also are available with capacities up to 300 gal/min and heads to 200'. The FRP (continuous strand) thermoset construction design includes a one-piece reinforced casing with no separate liners. Other features include a low pressure FRP containment shell, pressurized bearing lubrication, closed impeller design, a separate, two-piece impeller and magnet arrangement, and ASME/ANSI B73.1 installation dimensions.
Fybroc Div., Met-Pro Pump Group, (215) 723-8155

Process Pumps

Novaplex models are suited for toxic or chemically aggressive liquids, and for slurries/suspensions with particle sizes up to 100 micron. Typical applications include those in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Line includes reactor feed, high pressure injection, transfer and recirculation pumps. Features include double-diaphragm pumpheads with positive diaphragm position control; double diaphragm pumpheads with built-in pressure relief valve; crank gears with integrated lubrication system; crank gear bearings executed as anti-friction bearings; and a modular concept.
Bran + Luebbe Inc., SPX Process Equipment, (262) 728-1900

Magnetic-Coupled Pumps

Series A magnetic-coupled pumps are sealless and leakproof, providing complete solution and vapor containment. The pumps have a shaft- and bearing-free design that allows them to be used for electroless solutions. The impeller magnet assembly floats in the radial magnetic field set up by the external drive magnet, eliminating the need for a shaft or spindle. The pump body can be rotated to selected direction of discharge. Neutralizing fluid normally will flush the interior adequately without need for disassembly. Impellers supplied on all standard sealless pumps are suitable for water-like liquids up to 1.2 specific gravity. Liquids with a higher specific gravity can be pumped under certain circumstances.
Serfilco Ltd., (847) 509-2900

Condensate and Boiler Feed Pumps

Series 4300 has an energy-efficient 3,450 rpm motor to ensure efficiency while maintaining minimum motor horsepower. Offered in simplex or duplex construction, the feed pump employs heavy-gauge, 0.1875" steel receivers for long operating life. Features include bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps, automatic venting, heavy-duty float switch and a Sterl-Seal ceramic pump seal.
Sterling, Steam Control Div., (262) 641-3808

Vertical Process Pump

Available in iron or alloy construction, pumps are designed to handle the varied requirements of the metal finishing, parts washing and industrial chemical process industries. Simplicity of design eliminates pump priming, shaft-sealing problems and the maintenance costs of mechanical seals. Features include an externally adjustable impeller; no stuffing box leakage; small footprint; and a tank pumpdown option. Capabilities include capacities to 3,600 gal/min; heads to 250'; and temperatures to 180°F.
Kerr Pump and Supply, (248) 543-3880

Pump for High Temperature Fluids

MPH Series is designed for use in low flow, high head and high temperature applications. The close-coupled, sealless, magnetically driven pump provides fluid handling at temperatures up to 536°F (280°C) with no cooling water required. Using motors from 1 to 5 hp, pump handles flows to 150 gal/min and heads to 190'.
Magnatex Pumps Inc., (713) 972-8666