Low Emission Air-Heating Burner

AirHeat creates clean, efficient heat in a range of direct-fired heating applications. Its small, high-efficiency blower saves energy and allows for compact burner installations. The burner can be flange-mounted with insertion depths of 3", 4" or 6" in sealed mounting installations and can be used for slot-firing or duct-mounting installations. The optional blower filter helps ensure easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Eclipse Inc. • (815) 877-3031 • marcom@eclipse.com •www.eclipsenet.com

Packaged Burner with Ultra-Low Emissions

Corrected, typical emissions of 4 to 7 ppm NOX and 0 to 25 ppm CO provide assurance of air-quality compliance in a range of heating processes. Burner combines reliability with simple adjustment and operation. Its durable steel outer construction and stainless steel internals create a flexible platform to burn natural gas, propane or a range of alternate fuels. The compact, packaged design offers several control methods and optional discharge sleeves for use in ovens, dryers, air heaters, incinerators and process heaters.

Maxon Corp. • (765) 284-3304 • info@maxoncorp.com •www.maxoncorp.com

Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to provide continuous, automatic protection against the buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens, boilers and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame. The controls line consists of plug-in, interchangeable components that have high signal strength to provide safe and secure operation while minimizing the potential for system shutdown due to noise.

Protection Controls Inc. • (847) 674-7676 • email@protectioncontrolsinc.com •www.protectioncontrolsinc.com

Gas Burners

Models BIC and ZIC are suitable for use on ovens, gas-fired industrial furnaces and ceramic kilns. Both are suited for use in food, glass, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals and ceramic industries. The burners utilize a lightweight tube manufactured from a high quality silicon carbide. The silicon carbide tube is well-suited for installations using ceramic fiber insulation and brick linings.

Hauck Manufacturing Co., Elster Group • (717) 272-3051 • hauck@hauckburner.com •www.hauckburner.com

High Efficiency Infrared Burners

The T4RAD line includes durable, customized, low emission and high efficiency burners. They are able to operate at firing rates between 30,000 up to 200,000 BTU/hr/ft2. The infrared burners are designed for use in applications such as textile machines, food ovens, paint drying booths and paper mills. Features include rapid heat up and cool down; a large turndown ratio; ultra low emissions; thermal shock resistance; and uniform and homogeneous combustion.

Abutec LLC • (770) 846-0155 • www.abutec.com

Precise Control Motor

Most control motors are not engineered to respond to the finite adjustments provided by advanced process controls, but the direct-mount SQM5 control motors respond with 250 step changes. The design results in improved process performance and product quality.

Siemens Building Technologies • 847-941-5120 • www.buildingtechnologies.usa.siemens.com

Extra Heavy Pipe Burner

Adaptable to most heating application, burners are constructed with extra heavy steel pipe and with a range of ribbon designs. Any desirable flame space, from 1" to 21' in a single length (and longer when flanged together), can be furnished. Flame capacities range from 500 to 10,000 BTUs.

Ensign Ribbon Burners LLC • (914) 738-0600 • www.erbensign.com

Gas-Fired Infrared Burner

Apollo-Ray is all metal with a high alloy sintered-fiber emitter. This burner has longer life, durability, high radiance and good fuel efficiency. Offered in 8 x 6" or 12 x 5" sizes, the burner can be modulated from a high radiant mode of 1,700oF (927oC) to a low fire mode of 1,200oF (649oC).

Red-Ray Mfg. Co. Inc. • (908) 722-0040 • www.red-ray.com

Multiport Gas/Air Burners

Perforated refractory burners have multiport burner screens that break up the flame into a large number of small flames. This results in a concentrated, “flat face” round flame of high intensity. The screen port diameter/length ratio is selected to inhibit flashback even at extremely low input rates. The screen retaining-ring effectively pilots flames to prevent flame blowoff under normal operating conditions. The burner design incorporates one-piece construction with interchangeable components, simplifying replacement of damaged parts. It can be installed individually or in groups and can be mounted in any position to standard pipe fittings or manifolds.

Selas Heat Technology Co. • (800) 523-6500 • www.selas.com

Ultra-Low NOX Round Burner

CoolStar series can be installed vertically up-fired or horizontally, depending on the application. The round-flame, gas-only burner is suited for retrofit applications due to its small size. Extensive development efforts allowed the company to reduce the cross area of the burner tile, allowing for retrofit into furnaces with existing, conventional raw gas and premix burners with only minor modifications to the heater steel and refractory (if required).

John Zink Co.  • (918) 234-1800 • www.johnzink.com

Ultra Low NOX Burner

Magna-Flame LE uses a lean premix primary flame and dilute secondary combustion to achieve less than 18 ppm NOX without FGR in many applications. When FGR is utilized, the NOX emissions can be taken to even lower levels: below 8 ppm, 0.01 lb NOX per million BTU. Features include low carbon monoxide and VOC emissions; a high intensity, compact flame; and turndown ratio up to 10:1. It is offered in sizes from 10 to 250 million BTU/hr.

North American Manufacturing • (800) 626-3477 • www.namfg.com

Packaged Pipe Burner Sets

Ruggedly designed for demanding heating applications, packaged burner set will produce a 16 x 36" flame pattern rated at 240,000 BTU/hr. A range of lengths, widths and BTU/hr outputs can be manufactured. Packaged pipe burner sets are suited for use under kettles and tanks.

Charles A. Hones Inc. • (631) 842-8886 • www.cahones.com