With over 250 cumulative years of experience applying Air Abatement equipment to a variety of applications, Pro-Environmental Inc. has seen the potential pitfalls when designing these systems. The following is a list of common and costly mistakes made regarding this equipment:
  • Inappropriate materials of construction, resulting in corrosion and potential replacement of the equipment shell.

  • Inaccurate or incomplete characterization of the process stream which is the basis of design for the abatement equipment. This is especially important with regards to chemical contamination such as chlorinated or fluorinated compounds.

  • Selecting the wrong heat recovery media type resulting in system fouling.

  • Insufficient heat exchanger efficiency, resulting in increased operation costs.

  • Poor maintenance on upstream particulate removal equipment, or lack of particulate removal equipment in the process stream, resulting in early replacement of RTO heat exchanger media.

  • Compliance testing done at levels higher than permitted/required.

  • Failure to install Oxidizer resulting in a Consent Decree and or fines.

  • Sizing system heat recovery for the peak conditions rather than for normal conditions.

  • Failing to design adequate equipment capacity and finding out at start-up your actual air flow is higher than the design flow.
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