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Pressure Reducer System

Pillarless construction and diameter-independent spring ranges are features of Predu. Additional features of the pressure reducer system include a screwed seat and a marginal seat, three exchangeable spring sizes, a balancing bellow and a sealing bellow, and easy change of spring and actuator.

Ari Valve, (800) 661-3338

Plastic Ball Valve

For use in chemical applications, Series TBV2 is designed for manual on/off service or process pipelines. The plastic ball valve is manufactured in PVC or CPVC bodies with EPDM or FPM O-rings to be compatible with a range of chemicals. Available in 0.5 to 4" sizes, the ball valve incorporates a double O-ring seal and threaded seal retainer that allows for seat adjustment. Most sizes come with both NPT and socket end connections.

Dwyer Instruments Inc., (800) 872-9141,

Multifunctional Valves

Designed to reduce gas train size and weight, VG Series single- and double-gas valve bodies are combined with the SKP Series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide multiple flow control functions, including gas safety shutoff, constant pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control. Zero leakage test procedures ensure safety and quality beyond the requirements of all applicable ISO standards. A stainless steel mesh filter installed in each valve protects downstream devices against damage from foreign particles and eliminates the need for separately installed filters.

Siemens Building Technologies, (847) 941-5120,

Valve Automation Packs
More than 125 of the company’s most popular valve and actuator combinations have been prepackaged into easy-to-order configurations. Packages include Series 92 or 94 electric actuators or Series 79 pneumatic actuators mounted on Type 21 PVC ball valves or Type 57 PVC butterfly valves. Suitable for industrial applications with a harsh media environment, packages are available in 0.5 to 4" ball valves and 1.5 to 8" butterfly valves.
Asahi/America Inc., (781) 321-5409

Control Valves
Valves have received SIL 3 certification to IEC 61508 standards, which enables users to boost plant availability and safety by using the company’s GX, Vee-ball, easy-e and HP valves in safety instruments systems (SIS) in up to SIL3 loops, per IEC 61508. The four control valve ranges have been certified for on/off operation within a SIL 3 safety instrumented function.
Emerson Process Management, Fisher Valves, (641) 754-3011

Combustion Valves
Line includes gas-flow controls, shutoff valves, pressure-reducing and ratio regulators, air- and gas-pressure switches, actuators and other burner equipment. The products are suitable for industrial combustion gases, non-corrosive gases and air. The line includes a dual modular valve combining two automatic shutoff valves in one housing; dual modular valve with proof of closure; two-stage dual modular valves with gas/air ratio control or a servo pressure controller; single valves with or without proof of closure; and valve-proving systems.
Karl Dungs Inc., (651) 792-8912

Slurry Knife-Gate Valve
Series DX is designed for heavy slurry applications in the power and mining industries. When the slurry knife-gate valve opens, the reinforced elastomeric sleeves seal against each other and provide a 100 percent full-port opening, minimizing turbulence and, in turn, wear. The seats isolate and protect all metal parts of the valve from coming in contact with the process. When the valve is closed, the sleeves provide a drop-tight seal. The valve provides drop-tight shutoff in both directions. Each time the valve strokes, it is designed to discharge a small amount of slurry out of the valve, keeping the gate path and seat area clear of entrapped particulates.
Red Valve Co. Inc., (412) 279-0044