With a few dollars and an internet-enabled computer, engineers, operators and others can join in on-demand to watch training about the 10 biggest combustion hazards. Priced at $20, the course is part of the online training sessions offered by Cleveland-based CEC Combustion Systems Group.

"It’s tough out there and getting tougher," says CEC's Dan Hancock. "We’re here to help you troubleshoot issues related to your steam and combustion systems and get them resolved at the lowest possible cost."

The company identified what it is calling the 10 biggest hazards during thousands of on-site, hands-on inspections over the past 10 years.

"There is information in this 16 minute session that could save lives. Gather everyone around a computer, or project the material onto a screen," Hancock said. "You can get your entire staff in on this for $20, and you can do it all online."