Old equipment such as injection-molding machines with many years of service can become energy hogs, while a new machine typically can pay back the investment in a short time. As an additional incentive for companies to switch an old machine for a new one, York, Pa.-based Engel is offering a scrap bonus of $5,000, applicable to any new Engel machine, that is available until September 30.

Injection molders who replace an old injection-molding machine with a new Engel machine will receive a bonus of $5,000. To be eligible for the bonus, the purchaser must provide proof that the machine has been taken out of service and scrapped. For instance, the company can provide the machine's serial number tag as well as the date and location of scrapping. The bonus then will be credited toward the purchase price of the new Engel machine.

In addition to the scrap bonus, there are other incentives for companies to purchase a new machine. These include a temporary tax benefit of up to 90 percent depreciation in the year the equipment is installed (expires December 31, 2009), and possible rebate and grant opportunities from utility companies for companies installing more energy-efficient equipment.

"Companies taking advantage of this bonus save twice," says Steve Braig, president and CEO of Engel North America. "First, with the initial investment, and next, with the long-term energy efficiency and savings of a new Engel machine."

Engel North America designs and manufacture of injection-molding machines for thermoplastics and elastomers; plastics processing technology modules; and automation solutions.