Moyno Inc. has completed an expansion and upgrades to its research and development laboratories in its Springfield, Ohio, facility, including the polymer development test laboratory and the hydraulics laboratory.

The company invested in new equipment and upgrades existing equipment to allow it to expand its capabilities and speed the engineering development process. In conjunction with its customer testing laboratory, the company expects the new capabilities to facilitate new product development and the existing product enhancements to best serve its global customers.

The upgrades to the research and development laboratories include:
  • Advanced control systems to manage multiple tests as well as to track, display, record, store and retrieve a multitude of test data for analysis.
  • New equipment for evaluating every aspect of elastomer performance in controlled, simulated and actual application environments.
  • Computerized photographic capture, storage, retrieval and distribution of real time test images with direct links to customers.
  • Advanced machining/manufacturing operation that allows quick turnaround of all prototype components needed for laboratory testing without disruption of the factory schedule or delay.
Moyno manufactures progressing cavity pump technology.