Luvata opened a multi-million dollar copper-tube manufacturing plant in the Monterrey area of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The manufacturer of tubes, coils and coolers for the heating and refrigeration will serve OEM manufacturers from 180,000 ft2for plant operations and almost 6,000 ft2of office space in the new facility.

"The facility includes a self-serving water treatment plant used to reclaim the gray water from the local waste treatment facility," says Pieter Keyzer, director of operations at Luvata Monterrey. "The discharge water is retreated and then recycled through the process over and over again. The surrounding area is arid and water is scarce; therefore, by minimizing consumption from the local water table, we are able to minimize our impact on the surrounding environment and nearby residents."

The water reclamation site was a key priority for the Monterrey facility, according to Keyzer.

The plant is expected to complement Luvata's existing facility in Franklin, Ky.