Saving energy in process heating operations, as well as at work and home, is the focus of a series tipsheets from San Francisco-based Flex Your Power, California's energy efficiency outreach campaign.

For process heating operations, Flex Your Power suggests operators set appropriate operating temperatures for part-load operations to avoid long "soak" times or overheating. This action can save up to 10 percent of current energy use, according to the group.

Other low cost process heating tips include:
  • Use adequate insulation, and repair or replace it as needed. These measures can save two to 15 percent of current energy use.
  • For natural gas systems, Use direct firing rather than indirect steam heating, if the process allows it. This measure can save 33 to 45 percent of the energy used by a process heating system.
  • Evaluate and upgrade ancillary parts of the process heating equipment such as baskets, fixtures and trays as needed to reduce or eliminate nonproductive portions of the workload. (The basket, fixture or tray also absorbs heat.) Upgrading or eliminating the fixtures can save up to 25 percent of a system's energy usage.