End-users and product designers now have access to three white papers published by Minneapolis-based Minco, a designer and manufacturer of flexible circuits, heaters, sensors, instruments and integrated products. The papers, available at www.minco.com/whitepapers, can be downloaded at no charge. Look for:
  • 10 Tips for Product Development for Applications that Include Flex Circuits, Flexible Heaters or Sensors. Learn how integrating sensing, heating and circuitry functions can give a company an edge. Find out how to get to market faster by speeding up testing and reducing qualification time, improve manufacturing yield and product reliability, simplify assembly, ensure accuracy of documentation and help control costs.

  • Basics of Flex Circuit Design. Suitable for design engineers who want to learn more about the repeatable wire routing, fast assembly, and space and weight reductions that flex circuits offer over wiring harnesses, paper covers the advantages of the circuits. While suited for new product designs, they also can be used to replace traditional wire harnesses and circuit boards.

  • Resistance Thermometry: Principles and Applications of Resistance Thermometers and Thermistors. Learn the principles and applications of RTDs and thermistors. The paper shows how to calibrate the temperature-reading instruments by performing calculations regarding resistance and temperature characteristics. Learn what factors can influence the temperature/resistance ratio such as element types, leadwire resistance, electrical noise, vibration, self-heating and exposure to temperatures at or beyond the endpoint of a specified range.