Have a large gas stream that needs filtration but it’s too hot for your bag house filter media? The typical solution may be costing you needless, expensive maintenance. Cooling the hot gas has typically been handled by dilution (adding cooler air to dilute the temperature to acceptable bag house temperatures) or a quench system (adding water spray to cool the hot gases down). Either of these will result in an unnecessary larger bag house and more bags to maintain. Also, adding water by means of a quench system will shorten the life expectancy of the bags increasing replacement frequency.

Today’s best available technology is to incorporate an air-to-air heat exchanger to indirectly cool the hot gases and reduce the ACFM associated with the temperature reduction. Hot gases are cooled through a Munters heat exchanger to acceptable temperatures without adding extra air or water to the hot dirty gas stream. The result is cooler gas, a smaller bag house and reduced bag house maintenance cost. Indirect cooling is also a good method to increase existing bag house capacity.

Munters, www.muntershightemp.com