Housed on a high strength aluminum beam and fitted with a stainless steel sealing band, the HepcoMotion PSD80 uses Herculane wheels mounted to an adjustable carriage, offering long life and no re-lubrication. Single or multiple carriages on a unit are possible and can handle loads to 500 N. A stainless steel lead screw provides actuation with pitch ranges of 0.1575, 0.5906, 0.9843 and 2.756" (4, 15, 25 and 70 mm). The 0.9843" (25 mm) lead is useful in Z-axis applications while the 2.756" (70 mm) screw pitch satisfies the higher speed pick-and-place requirements. The lead screw is available in right- and left-handed threads and offers smooth, strong and precise actuation.

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