Payne Engineering solid state power controls utilizing SCRs as the power devices are the perfect replacements for variable transformers, saturable core reactors, mercury relays and electromechanical contactors when used in almost all electric heating applications.

We offer these controls in both zero-fired (our 18DZ and 18EZ models) and phase-angle fired (18D and 18E models) for single-phase and three-phase applications. The product range for these controls is 10 amps to 1200 amps, operating at 120 volts AC to 600 volts AC. All of these power controls are protected with integral “2 millisecond” semiconductor fuses and our own proprietary heat sinks. Control inputs are via the standard potentiometer that is provided with every unit or any of the optional analog input signals from 1 to 5 milliamps through 4 to 20 milliamps.

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