Spray dryer manufacturer GEA Niro’s customer survey shows that when it comes to aftermarket sales, customers are looking for good old-fashioned, customer service. The survey, conducted with a cross-section of GEA Niro’s customers, demonstrates that fast response and delivery, local presence, and good technical support top the list of requirements for global after-sales service.

GEA Niro, headquartered in Soeborg, Denmark, surveyed customers worldwide. In response, the company has made significant changes to its after-sales service to accurately reflect what customers rated as important.

The company has expanded its global coverage to provide local service wherever it has long-term customers. The expansion includes strengthening service organizations throughout most of Asia, providing service in Australasia and North America, upgrading capabilities in most of Western Europe to include service technicians and workshops, and providing a comprehensive on-site service program in Germany. GEA Niro also has expanded its local inventory of spare parts in China and North America, Australasia, Japan, France, Denmark and The Netherlands.

“We have developed a comprehensive modular-based, in-house training program to give our service staff the knowledge and expertise they need to service, repair and troubleshoot on almost all key components,” says Samir Maali, After Sales Group manager.

According to the company, many suppliers of high-value capital equipment, such as spray dryers, rely on an after-market service from a central location, so a problem could take days or weeks to resolve.

“But now we are right there for our customers,” Samir says. “If they need spare parts, technical support or emergency cover we have local staff and spare part stocks on hand to help.” Fast local service keeps servicing costs low, helps reduce down time, and improves productivity generally, the company says.