Using fluidized bed gas-cleaning technology, this scrubber system from Bionomic Industries cleans contaminated air at pulp bleach plants.

A pulp and paper company in the South has ordered a scrubber system that uses fluidized bed gas-cleaning technology to clean up its plants’ emissions. Bionomic Industries Inc., Mahwah, N.J., will supply its RotaBed system to control emissions at the pulp bleach plant at two mills.

Designed to remove fugitive chlorine and chlorine dioxide created during pulp bleaching, the RotaBed scrubbing system creates a “fluidized” gas/liquid mixture to clean 15,000,000 ft3/hr of contaminated air at or below all mandated compliance levels, according to Bionomic.

The technology is used for gas absorption and cleaning where other designs such as packed towers may plug. It is designed for clean-in-place operation to maximize performance with minimal downtime over its operating life. The system runs at more than twice the gas velocity of a larger packed tower with a pressure drop of less than 10" water column despite its compact size, Bionomic says.