Alfa Laval, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, received an order from an Algerian refinery for its Packinox heat exchangers. The order, valued at approximately $8.5 million, has a 2011 delivery date.

The plate heat exchangers will be used in the catalytic processing section in the production of mixed xylenes, which, among other things, can be used for production of PET bottles.

“This massive - but still compact - welded heat exchanger offers energy efficiency especially well-suited for the high demands within the refinery and petrochemical industries,” says Lars Renström, president and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group.

A Packinox plate heat exchanger for this type of application can handle temperatures from 176 to 986°F (80 to 530°C). According to Alfa Laval, by replacing traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers with one Packinox unit, a refinery can save between $1.4 million and $2.85 million per year in reduced energy costs.