Companies with odor problems and poorly performing oxidizers have looked to Pro-Environmental Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., for so many years, that the oxidizer manufacturer now has posted many of its solutions to its web site at Here are two of them.

Situation:A 224-unit condominium built next to a coffee company had some of its balconies located within 15' of the coffee maker’s afterburner stack. Odor complaints from residents were a regular occurrence.

Solution:A new afterburner was installed, alleviating the odorous exhaust from the coffee roaster. Complaints ceased.

Situation:A large manufacturer of nail polish enamel was still using its original oxidizer installed 30 years ago. The facility operated with a single shift, requiring frequent startups and shutdowns, which took a toll on the heat exchanger tubes and expansion joints, leading to costly repairs and frequent unscheduled shutdowns.

Solution:A fluidized bed concentrator system was installed to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency of VOC destruction and improve system reliability. The solution translated into natural gas savings of $250,000 in the first year.