Suad Bajric of Mississauga, Canada, has won the 2010 Creative DualVee Application Video Contest. Bajric has won a four-day trip for two to California, where he and his wife will have a chance to meet with the Bishop-Wisecarver team.

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp., Pittsburg, Calif., sponsored the contest in celebration of the company's 60th anniversary, looking to award the most creative mechanical application designed using its DualVee linear guide wheels. The online video contest began April 5 on YouTube. Participants created and submitted a 60-sec video demonstrating their application and how DualVee had been utilized. On June 15th, the contest closed and all videos submitted were reviewed by a panel of judges.

The winning video is of a circular tensioner designed by Bajric. The application uses six size 0 DualVee guide wheels that travel on a 36" dia. circular tensioner with a 10" stroke and three long springs. Bajric created the double-edge track himself. The application wraps paper around transformers.

"Proof that circular motion can be achieved on a large radius," says Bajric in e-mail correspondence, adding that the application has been installed on three machines, replacing outdated bearings from another company. "The application is very compact and clean."

"For 60 years Bishop-Wisecarver has been fostering the imagination of our customers to come up with unique and creative mechanical solutions," said Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver.

"What an innovative way to utilize our guide wheels," said Ariel Oriel, senior project engineer at Bishop-Wisecarver. "It's gratifying to see the numerous creative things that designers envision when using our products and actually have them come to fruition."

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