A new standard that addresses the procedures for verifying and validating engineering and scientific modeling problems has been released by ASME, New York. The standard covers computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis ranging from one-dimensional steady laminar flows to complex three-dimensional unsteady turbulent chemically reacting flows.

ASME V&V 20-2009 - Standard for Verification and Validation in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer provides an introduction to the concepts of verification and validation, the definition of error and uncertainty, and the overall validation methodology. The document presents the various approaches for estimating the standard uncertainty associated with errors in simulating input parameters.

The standard also includes a brief overview of the method presented in ASME PTC 19.1 - Test Uncertainty, which addresses for estimating uncertainty in experimental results. ASME V&V 20-2009 provides the necessary tools to estimate validation standard uncertainty and the error associated with the mathematical model, including a discussion of the interpretation of the key validation metrics of validation comparison error and validation uncertainty.

ASME V&V 20-2009 has been approved as a national standard by the American National Standards Institute, Washington, D.C. The standard may be purchased at http://catalog.asme.org or by calling (800) 843-2763.