Without lubrication, your process equipment would not last its intended lifespan and at some point, your production line would grind to a halt. If you are battling glitches in your equipment and improper or inadequate lubrication might be the culprit, Dow Corning’s line of Molykote lubricants might help.

According to the company, materials are available to help with just about any lubrication problem so you can keep your process moving along, no matter how harsh the environment or extreme the temperature.To learn more about the Dow solutions, visit www.molykote.com and click on “Troubleshooting Guide” in the left-hand index column. From there, you may be moments away from pinpointing the type of lubricant you need.

To use the guide, click on the component that is confounding your process - for example, select chains, hydraulic pumps, shaft/hub connections, sliding contact bearings or seals and packings. You will land on a grid showing different types of “ailments” such as low pour-point oil, short life, corrosion, water emulsification, scuffing, scoring or high wear. Next to that is your requirement.

For example, under hydraulic pumps, you will find these requirements: high resistance to water emulsification, food grade, wide temperature range, and good oxidation and thermal stability. The lubricant solutions are designated for the Americas, Europe, Japan and Asia. In addition, click on the product number and you can download its specification sheets and MSDS files.