Steam that would have gone to waste in a Malaysia pulp and paper plant now will be condensed and reused.

Alfa Laval, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, will supply the $6.9 million evaporation system. It will be used in a process to concentrate black liquor, a byproduct from pulp and paper production, for further reuse as fuel in the plant. The steam, which is the result from the concentration process, will be condensed and reused as water in the process, reducing the plant’s environmental impact.

“The new plant is designed to enable a higher concentration of the black liquor than industry average, which will result in a better quality of the fuel as well as more process water recovered for the plant," says Lars Renström. “All in all, an environmentally sound solution.”

The Alfa Laval project, scheduled to be complete in 2011, is expected to deliver black liquor of high enough quality to supply the majority of the plant’s energy demand.