A QuickTip from Wisconsin Oven

Are you exhausting $$ up your stack?? Adjust Your Exhaust Blower Properly and INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY. Most exhaust blowers have a manual damper to adjust the flow rate. To meet National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) codes, the damper should be designed with a stop or be cut to prevent it from being fully closed so the equipment allows the proper “minimum exhaust”. The exhaust damper should only be opened more than the minimum if additional exhaust is necessary for your specific heating process (i.e. to maintain lower operating temperatures). If the damper is open more than necessary, you will be wasting energy. As an example, if the equipment is gas-fired and exhausting just 200 CFM more than what’s required, you will be wasting 28.5 THERMS per week (based on 8 hours/day x 5 days/week with an operating temperature of 400°F and an ambient temperature of 70°F). If you pay $1.085 per Therm, you’ll waste $1,608 in a 12 month period. An electric oven will be wasting 835 kWH per week. If you pay $.15/kWH, you’ll be sending over $6,500 per year up the stack!!! Consult a Wisconsin Oven’s service department to learn more about how they can help increase your bottom line.