Need a dryer for your processing line? Check out these systems for ideas.

Circular Tray Dryer

Turbo-Dryer can be used to calcine or sinter fine metal oxide powders. Capable of operation at temperatures up to 1,202°F (650°C), the continuous tray dryer includes an internal electrical heating system that helps remove residual moisture. Dry air or nitrogen is used to purge water vapor from the system, keeping fines carryover to a minimum. The proprietary design consists of a stack of rotating circular trays in a sealed enclosure. Material is fed onto the top tray, and after each revolution it is wiped onto the next lower tray. Internal Turbo-Fans circulate heated gas in the enclosure to provide the drying medium.

Wyssmont Co. Inc. • (201) 947-4600

Drying Systems

Line of drying systems includes Jetzone fluidized bed dryer/puffer/toaster, fluidized bed cooler, impingement cooler, forced convection cooler and belt coolers. Jet-Tube fluidization technique provides fast, uniform and efficient heating, cooling, toasting or puffing of particulate free-flowing products. It is well-suited for dense, difficult-to-cool products. The high-velocity impingement technique provides fast, uniform cooling a wide range of food and non-food industry products. Turbo-Jet forced convection cooler, designed for existing or new post-oven conveyor systems, provides efficient pre-cooling prior to freezing or packaging.

CPM Wolverine Proctor • (215) 443-5200

Fluid Bed Roaster

A high velocity, air impingement and fluidized bed processor, AeroFlow has high temperature capabilities that support applications in drying, roasting, puffing and cooling. Redesigned in 2008, the internal dust separation units reduce its footprint and installation time. Material handling is custom designed to accommodate products with critical handling or fluidization characteristics. Dual impingement systems are available for webs and fabricated items. Applications include tobacco, catalysts, polymers, wood products, pharmaceuticals, aquaculture and animal feeds, coated webs, fine chemicals, nonwovens, pulp and various food products.

Aeroglide Corp. • (919) 851-2000

Ovens and Dryers

Thermatrol electric, gas or propane conveyor ovens and dryers utilize infrared heaters, infra-air, or combination infrared/convection heating so specific process needs are met. Other features include inline integral coolers, ability to interface with external PLCs, and integration with robotic operations. The infrared heat panels provide uniform curing and/or drying over the entire process. Recirculating hot air using air knives breaks up moisture barriers and drives solvents from the substrate.

Hix Corp., Thermatrol Div. • (800) 835-0606

Paddle Processor

A vapor-tight design allows for indirect heating, drying or cooling under vacuum or with an internal pressure, making it suitable for temperature-sensitive and hazardous materials. Dual counter-rotating shafts with hollow wedge-shaped paddles produce uniform mixing and high heat transfer rates. Model 3.3W has 107 ft2of heat transfer area.

Komline Sanderson • (800) 225-5457

Dryers Optimize Uniformity

Cascade dryer has a multi-deck, continuous batch, vertical design that permits quick product changeover, good moisture control and high energy efficiencies. Design also reduces floor space, maintenance and cleaning demands. It can be equipped with an integral cooler section with internal ducting, recirculation fans and heat zones.

Wenger Manufacturing Inc. • (816) 891-9272

Dryer for Complex Products

Rotante allows product changeover in less than three minutes and real-time recycling of fines generated in the drying process. The dryer conveys product via continuous rotation to ensure uniform airflow on all product surfaces, eliminating product overheating or unequal moisture distribution. It is rated at 1,550 BTU per pound of water removed. Applications include pasta, couscous, 3-D pellets, cereals, high density snacks, high oil fish feeds, premium pet foods and treats, extruded rice and other sticky products.

Clextral Inc. • (813) 854-4434