Munters, Amesbury, Mass., has been collaborating with Endesa, the first private Iberian multinational utility company in Latin America. Today, Endesa’s plants in Spain have installed Munters dehumidification equipment to protect and preserve elements within their thermal plants and combined cycle equipment by providing dry air during repairs and maintenance of the electricity generating process.

For example, turbines and boilers must be protected against moisture as they are sensitive to corrosion and can be costly components to replace - made even more costly if interruptions are involved due to unexpected repair or maintenance. Munters desiccant dehumidification systems dry and remove condensation on boiler surfaces, especially during the stops in the boiler steam cycle, while preserving boiler circuitry to avoid corrosion issues.

Munters dehumidifiers remove the moisture to prevent electronic and electrical failures. Year-round reliable operation is achieved with fewer component failures and lower maintenance costs, according to the equipment maker.

Endesa operates in many countries including Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Brazil and has 39 GW of installed capacity and 24 million customers.

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