Chocolate liquor, which requires kettles to turn it into a liquid or other processing equipment to melt its solid form, now has taken a powder.

Cargill, Minneapolis, has introduced its Wilbur Chocolate Duet powdered mix for food processors. The proprietary powdered blend of chocolate liquor and cocoa offers versatility and gives bakers an easier way to formulate with chocolate liquor, according to the company.

“When economic times are tough, consumers often trade down from expensive luxuries to smaller, relatively inexpensive pleasures, and one way they do that is through food choices,” says Courtney LeDrew, marketing manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate North America. Research shows that nearly half of consumers turn to baked goods, sweets or desserts as a special treat.

“As a result, manufacturers are looking for ways to incorporate chocolate into products more easily and efficiently,” she says.

Chocolate as an ingredient comes in many forms, including liquid, wafers, chips and blocks. In order for manufacturers to include a “made with real chocolate” claim on their packaging, the product recipe must include an ingredient such as chocolate chips or chocolate liquor. However, according to Katy Cole, technical service national accounts manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate North America, chocolate liquor has been known to be difficult to use in baking. Cole says that chocolate liquor requires kettles to hold it in liquid form, and if it is in solid form, then other heating equipment is needed to melt it.

The Wilbur Chocolate Duet does not require melting, processing or special storage. But because the ingredient is made with chocolate liquor, products that contain it can be labeled as “made with real chocolate.”