When designing a steam tracing system, the plant needs to consider a number of design and installation factors to ensure an efficient and reliable operation. Swagelok Energy Advisors, Solon, Ohio, offers a report on best practices for steam tracing design and installation. Among the criteria to consider are:
  1. Process temperature.
  2. Process evaluation items.
  3. Supply and condensate system trees.
  4. Steam trap station selection.
  5. Required steam pressures.
  6. Piping or tubing material selection.
  7. Insulation type and the K factor.
  8. Condensate return system selection.
  9. Calculations to determine the number of required tracers.
  10. Small process lines.
  11. Safety considerations.
  12. Standardization of materials and designs.
To read the complete report, visit http://www.swagelokenergy.com/download/LatestBestPractice.pdf