A preventive maintenance program can provide benefits above and beyond what you might expect to see, including an improved company image and more satisfied employees.

Potential customers will notice the equipment you will be using to manufacture the parts they are considering buying from you. Well-maintained, clean equipment provides a positive image of your company, your employees and the products you produce.

Shops with established preventive maintenance programs can create an environment where employees feel more like owners than just paid hourly workers. The owner or management sets the tone of its workers. If they see management cares about the equipment they have on the shop floor, you may be surprised at the pride of ownership of the employees using the equipment. I have personally experienced cases where employees actually take complete ownership of “their” equipment. Not only did they clean it at the end of each shift, their vested interest in the equipment helped them establish daily and weekly preventive maintenance routines to ensure the equipment was always running (and looking) like brand-new.