Biomass boilers from Metso, Helsinki, are scheduled for installation in two diverse applications.

A biomass-fired steam boiler equipped with Metso's DNA automation system will be installed in 2013 at Helsinki-based Valio Ltd.’s Lapinlahti, Finland, milk-production facility. The other biomass-fired boiler will be installed at a pulp and paper mill owned by Arkhangelsk, headquartered in Novodvinsk, Russia.

The boiler plant destined for the milk-production facility will generate the steam and heat needed by the processing plant. The plant will be fueled by wood chips and peat. Wood chips are expected to be used at 100 percent eventually, but in the initial stage, they will account for 50 to 60 percent of the fuel mix, with a gradual increase, according to Metso.

“Valio is investing in the development of its energy-generation structure and in the recovery of waste energy streams, with the goal of improving energy efficiency, achieving lower emissions and increasing its use of domestic fuels," says Esa Mäkipelto, Vali’s technical manager.

The annual operation of the new plant will be around 8,500 hr and its process steam output will total approximately 140 GWh/a. The boiler is based on Hybex bubbling fluidized-bed combustion technology, patented by Metso, that allows the use of a range of fuels. The boiler output is 20 MWth and that of the auxiliary boiler, also included in the delivery, is 12.4 MWth.

The pulp and paper mill's bubbling fluidized-bed biomass-fired boiler has a completion date of 2014. It will replace an existing power boiler and is expected to increase the mill’s energy independence and cut electricity costs. Bark and sludge will be used as fuel in the boiler, which has a capacity of 60 MWth. By replacing old coal boilers with a new biomass boiler, the Arkhangelsk mill will obtain an additional amount of steam and electricity.