System designers, engineers and manufacturers in industries that employ machinery with rotating parts such as heavy machinery, wind turbines and radar may be able to avoid critical downtime that occurs from failed electrical and mechanical connectors with wireless devices.

Mechanical slip rings, through-hole slip rings and high-current slip rings often limit designers’ and manufacturers’ ability to power systems in wet, dirty or hostile conditions that involve vibration and 360° movement. Evaluation kits to measure the benefits of replacing traditional electrical components and electrical connectors with wireless slip rings and connectors were released by PowerbyProxi, Cincinnati.

"The conventional approach of using a mechanical slip ring to transfer power and data can be problematic…. By eliminating friction-based connection failures, wireless power transfer can reduce operation and maintenance costs, preserve data continuity, and free designers to create innovative solutions,” says Fady Mishriki, vice president of applications for PowerbyProxi.

PowerbyProxi’s industrial wireless power solutions provide efficient transfer of power and data across short distances through inductive power transfer, says the manufacturer. Proxi-Ring, a frictionless, contactless slip ring, supplies wireless power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment. It is designed for use in variable load operating environments and overcomes the limitations of earlier generations of inductive power solutions that suffered from excessive heat generation, says the manufacturer.