Boilers and steam generators produce steam for processing applications.

Direct -Fired Hot Water Wall Boilers

Model 204 Water Wall is offered in sizes from 500,000 to 3,120,000 BTU per input with a bent tube, all-welded design without any cast refractory material. All models in this series are designed to fit through a 36" doorway without disassembly. The gas models are SCAQMD low NOX 1146.2 certified. The direct-fired, hot water wall boilers are available as straight gas-fired; straight oil; combination gas/oil with conventional power burner with efficiencies up to 86 percent. The L model has a specially designed premix metal fiber burner system for sub-20 ppm NOX levels. Units are ETL listed as a complete gas fired boiler assembly per UL795.

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Biomass Boiler Systems

The reciprocating grate stoker with automated ash removal, the latest model in the biomass boiler series, offers an efficient multi-fuel design in various configurations. Solid-fuel combustion allows mechanical replacement of fuel with the least number of moving parts. Cast from highest quality steel alloys and mounted on a robust undercarriage system, the boiler can burn wood, coal, bark, construction debris, nuts, shells, husks, paper, cardboard products, hog fuel, sawdust, shavings, sludge or agricultural biomass. The biomass boiler product line’s options include flat-grate stokers, underfeed stokers and traveling-grate stokers to meet all biomass system requirements.

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Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler

Incorporating the company’s reliable pressure vessel design and high efficiencies, vertical tubeless steam boiler offers the capability to operate at sub 9 ppm NOX with an advanced boiler control system. Named to pay homage to company founder Lewis Palm, the Tribute model utilizes a fiber mesh burner, variable-speed fan and integrated gas train, and it provides low emissions combustion with 4" incoming gas pressure. The company’s line of vertical tubeless steam boilers include a range of trim options and can be customized and configured to best meet users’ job-specific needs.

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Boiler Water Treatment
Sentinel X200 has been formulated for the treatment of kettling in central heating boilers caused by lime scale. The non-acid product can be added to the system and left for extended periods of time without causing any product damage. It is successful in reducing noise problems and restoring boiler efficiency caused by the presence of lime scale on the heat exchanger surface.
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Steam Generator for Offshore Oil Rigs
SigmaFire 200 is a 200 BHP steam generator that packs performance into a small footprint. The onboard steam generator can be used to heat drilling mud, a viscous liquid. The “mud” is delivered through the inner ring of a vertical, two-section pipe, to drive and lubricate a drilling head that may be functioning as much as 20,000' beneath the sea’s surface. Drilling mud also prevents clogging at the drilling head and forces debris to the surface through the pipe’s outer section.
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Feedwater Heaters
Feedwater heaters maximize exhaust stack heat recovery by recycling waste heat through a single-stage, two-stage, condensing economizer, or on-demand system. According to the company, these methods can increase operating efficiency up to 90 percent and lower overall fuel requirements and energy costs. By burning less fuel, they also result in reduced emissions. The heaters can heat low-temperature makeup or process water as well as deaerated feedwater.
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Modular Steam Boilers
Features of the modular boilers include on-demand steam and a reduced environmental footprint. Smaller than their traditional counterparts, modular steam boilers are precision computer-controlled and use natural gas or oil to heat multiple watertubes within a pressure vessel as opposed to heating a large water tank as with older-style boilers. The compact once-through design requires less fuel and water, and yet it produces steam in five minutes or less. The boilers provide BHP outputs comparable to much larger units while reducing fuel costs.
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