U.S. processors of nut meats such as almonds, pistachios and macadamias face processing challenges because they require a system that both pasteurizes the nut products and meets validation requirements for proper log-kill doses effective for salmonella and other bacteria. Over the years, various nut processors have asked Pittsburgh-based Chromalox for suitable solutions to processing nuts, which have a restricted shelf life.

Because some processing facilities utilize batch processing while others use conveyor processing, a one-size-fits-all approach was not feasible. Chromalox had to engineer each system differently.

Knowing that heating and power are critical to the overall processing of nut meats, Chromalox used its expertise in those to areas to develop individual solutions. For batch applications, Chromalox recommended circulation heaters used in combination with its SCR control panels for superheating the steam within prescribed temperatures to pasteurize the nuts and keep them dry without cooking them. In conveyor applications, Chromalox typically recommends its duct heaters to achieve the same heating needs. However, in some applications of this type, Chromalox will use its electric-fired boilers in combination with control panels.