Morgan Thermal Ceramics was awarded a contract to supply Superwool 607 HT Pyro-Bloc for a refinery being constructed by the Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Co. (SATORP), a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Total S.A.

The Augusta, Ga.-based company received the order from KTI Corp., Houston, which is supplying the fired heaters for a portion of the SATORP project. SATORP will be installing prefabricated panels of the Thermal Ceramics’ insulation modules into six fired heaters at the facility, located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Delivery on the fast track project is expected to be completed in 2011.

SATORP specified that insulation used for this portion of the 400,000-barrels per day refinery and petrochemical project be composed of non-refractory ceramic fiber (RFC) material. The Superwool products are low bio-persistent alkaline earth composition fibers (AES fibers) that have been engineered for high temperature insulation applications. According to Morgan Thermal Ceramics, all Superwool fiber products are relieved from classification and labeling regulations in Europe.