Proper removal of rental boiler equipment ensures its safe return and reduces the risk of additional costs.

Nationwide Boiler, Fremont, Calif., a maker of boiler systems for sale or rental, says a few precautionary steps mean the boiler can be properly prepared for pickup and shipment. Here's what Nationwide recommends.
  • Completely drain and flush all boiler lines with clean water and open all water drain valves to minimize the chance of corrosion and hard deposits caused by unforeseen freezing conditions.
  • Inspect all fireside and waterside surfaces, and report any visual damage, scale buildup or refractory problems. Having photographic evidence of the boiler condition after the rental period is advisable.
  • Remove and remount the stack, and bolt the stub stack, non-return valve, safety valves and vent valve to the trailer in the same locations in which they were received.
  • Cover all boiler openings (stack, steam, gas, water, electrical panel and safety valve).
  • If the trailer is disassembled, reattach wheels and gooseneck.
  • Check trailer tire pressure.
  • Return all instruction and operating manuals to the rental company via the trucker or transportation company responsible for returning the unit.
For information on Nationwide's boiler rentals, call (800) 227-1966.